Characters level at set points in the story, no xp will be awarded during gameplay (The first two levels will go by quickly)
Adventurer’s kits don’t include sunrods, and cost 4g less
No doppleganger race
No flying
No darkvision
If you choose a non-standard race, be prepared to justify it (but it’s still okay to do)

Certain situations can dishearten the enemies, causing their confidence in victory to drop with certain mechanical effects influencing various skills and combat

We are assuming all characters already know/trust each other and their abilities. We are assuming the party is generally good, no matter what each individual’s motivations are.

Monsters will have their top defenses increased by 1 and their bottom defenses decreased. Successful knowledge checks (vs monsters) or insight checks (vs humanoids) with standard actions may allow you to learn their best and worst defenses, in addition to other info that can be useful in or out of combat.

Acrobatics can be used to pull off stunts. If you can describe a clever method of movement and succeed in acrobatics rolls, you can break the normal rules for movement and combat actions a bit, such as getting past enemies without provoking attacks, crossing rough terrain, avoiding falling damage, etc.


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