I’m going to keep background short and simple, most relevant information can either be filled in by the players, or will be revealed in-game.

The location: Sylloc Valley, a large region, mostly wooded, bounded by mountains on all sides except for the ocean to the West. A single pass lead out across the mountains to the plains to the south. There are a few major cities scattered around, and numerous townships as well. Perhaps the largest city is Melivar, built across the Grey River, and protected by high walls on all sides.

The party has just completed a successful adventure together, and been paid pretty handsomely for it (for your experience at least). You’ve returned to Melivar to celebrate. You found the best bar in the seediest part of town, and have been generally carousing and enjoying yourselves.

Little do you know of the horrible danger wa…. no, just kidding, couldn’t help myself from a little-do-you-know

This is where we will start the campaign on our first meeting.

Gliffbom meets Gaaki
Gliffbom meets Saraneth
Saraneth meets Gliffbom


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