Session 1

Intro 1, the search for the oracle

Bar Fight
Barroom brawl
Saving the novice ‘adventurers’ from getting kidnapped in the chaos

Joining the search for the oracle
Party is begged to help save the kidnapped oracle
Join up for a minimal reward, and to do something good

Door lock melted to slag
Damage caused by large group of small creatures
All papers and notes, specifically regarding prophecy destroyed or stolen
Prophecy somehow relates to legendary good silver dragon, CloudShaper
One large horse and a number of small ponies rode out from the church out the south gate
A strange explosion occurred on the way, blasting at least one horse to pieces
Guard captain suspiciously left south gate unguarded

A group of street thugs ambush the party, cutting off Saraneth’s ear, and running

Chase Scene
The group attempted to chase down the ear thief, but he lost them amongst the city streets

The Black Fist
A paper leads the group to Portly Pete’s Potent and Powerful Potions, Pronunciations, Postures, and Prayers
The ear was part of a scam ritual sold to the city’s gang, the Black Fist
The ritual, in addition to lots of weird ingredients, required left eye of a silver dragon
Party gets some useful scrolls

Out the gate
The party finds a hidden campground a ways outside the gate
Clever trap, cleverly disarmed
Strange goblin creatures that act rabid and have acidic blood
Two kobolds with unreliable but powerful nailguns ambushed as well
Trail leads east to an old goblin lair under a waterfall


Thanks for the session, Adam! Looking forward to playing again with a full complement of players.

Session 1
Crythis Crythis

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